Nassau: City Segway Tour with Food Tasting and Local Drinks

Experience the best of Nassau on a City Segway Tour with Food Tasting and Local Drinks! This tour gives you the chance to explore the city of Nassau while tasting some of the local delicacies. You will be provided with a Segway for your tour, and you will be guided by an experienced local guide who will show you all the best sights and attractions. You will also get to sample some of the local food and drinks, such as conch fritters, Bahamian rum cake, and local drinks like Goombay Punch and Sky Juice. After the tour, you will have the opportunity to explore the city on your own and take in the beautiful views of Nassau. This is a great way to experience the culture and history of Nassau, and it's sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from the tour?

You can expect a unique sightseeing experience where you'll explore Nassau on a Segway. The tour includes food tasting at local eateries and sipping on Bahamian cocktails.

How long does the tour last?

The tour lasts approximately three hours which includes the Segway training.

Is Segway training provided?

Yes, we will provide full Segway training before the start of the tour.

What type of food and drinks will be available?

You will get to savor local Bahamian cuisine and drinks, including local beers and cocktails.

Can children participate in the tour?

Yes, the tour is family-friendly. However, children must be over 10 years and weigh at least 85 pounds to ride the Segway.

What should we wear/bring for the tour?

We recommend comfortable clothes and shoes. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Is the tour accessible for people with mobility issues?

While we strive to be as accommodating as possible, participants must be able to step on and off the Segway without assistance.

In case of bad weather, does the tour proceed?

Weather conditions are assessed on the day of the tour. If we determine cancellation is necessary due to rain, we’ll reschedule or refund the tour.

Is a tour guide available throughout the tour?

Yes, an experienced guide will accompany you throughout the tour to ensure you a safe and enjoyable journey.

Can we book the tour for large groups?

Yes, we provide bookings for large groups, but we suggest booking well in advance to ensure availability.

Are there any restrooms on the tour route?

There are restrooms at the training location and at different stops along the tour.

Is gratuity included in the tour price?

While a gratuity is not included in the price, it is greatly appreciated if you enjoyed the tour.

Is there any pick-up or drop-off service offered?

We do not offer a pick-up or drop-off service. Guests are responsible for getting to and from the meeting point.

Can we shop during the tour?

There will be opportunities to shop at the various food locations we visit. We also stop at various landmarks where souvenirs can be purchased.

Are there any special COVID-related measures I need to take?

We adhere to all local COVID-19 guidelines and regulations to ensure the safety of our guests.

Can I book a private tour?

Yes, private tour options are available. For bookings, please contact us directly.

Is it possible to join the tour late?

Due to the nature of the tour, we cannot accommodate late arrivals. Please arrive 15 minutes early for training.

Are pets allowed on the tour?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on the tour.

Is the tour available all year round?

Yes, the tour operates year round, barring severe weather conditions.

Is there a weight limit for the Segway riders?

The maximum weight limit for Segway riders is 260 pounds.