Nassau: Rose Island Swimming Pigs & Turtles Snorkeling Tour

Experience the beauty of the Bahamas with a Rose Island Swimming Pigs & Turtles Snorkeling Tour in Nassau. This tour is perfect for those looking for a unique and unforgettable experience. You'll get to swim with the famous swimming pigs of Rose Island, as well as the local turtles. The tour also includes snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Nassau. You'll get to explore the vibrant coral reefs and the diverse marine life that call this area home. You'll also get to enjoy a delicious picnic lunch on the beach. This tour is a great way to experience the beauty of the Bahamas and its unique wildlife. Plus, you'll get to take home some amazing memories that will last a lifetime. So don't miss out on this incredible experience and book your Rose Island Swimming Pigs & Turtles Snorkeling Tour in Nassau today!

Frequently asked questions

How much does the tour cost?

The cost of the tour varies depending on the package and the number of people. It typically ranges between $100-150 per person. This includes lunch, drinks, and use of snorkeling gear.

What is included in the tour?

The tour includes a boat ride to Rose Island, a guided tour of the island, a chance to swim with the pigs and sea turtles, and snorkeling. A lunch and drinks are also provided.

How long does the tour last?

The tour lasts around 5-6 hours, which includes travel time, the guided tour, swimming, and lunch.

What should I bring on the tour?

It is recommended to bring a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, hat, and water-resistant camera if you want to capture your experience.

Can children participate in the tour?

Yes, children are allowed. However, it is recommended that they are accompanied by an adult.

Is the tour suitable for seniors?

Yes, the tour is suitable for people of all ages, but those with mobility issues may find it challenging.

What if the weather is bad?

In case of bad weather, the tour may be rescheduled or cancelled, with a full refund provided.

Can I book a private tour?

Yes, private tours can be booked for a higher cost.

What kind of food is provided during the lunch?

The lunch typically includes a variety of Bahamian dishes.

Do I need any special training or equipment for the snorkeling?

No special training is necessary for the snorkeling. All gear is provided and a briefing is given before the activity.

How can I book the tour?

You can book the tour through the official website or through various travel agencies.

Are there any restrictions on interacting with the animals?

Yes, there are certain guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals. These will be explained by your guide.

Can the tour accommodate special dietary restrictions?

Yes, please notify the tour provider of any dietary restrictions in advance.

Does the tour operate year-round?

Yes, the tour operates year-round, except on major holidays.

Is there any protective gear provided for swimming with the animals?

Yes, protective gear like life jackets and snorkeling gear is included.