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Turin, the capital city of the Piedmont region in northern Italy, is known for its rich history and stunning architecture. Among its many historical landmarks, the Royal Palace and Palazzo Madama stand out as two of the most impressive and well-preserved buildings in the city. And what better way to experience these magnificent structures than with an exclusive night tour?

The Royal Palace, also known as Palazzo Reale, was once the residence of the House of Savoy, the ruling family of the Kingdom of Sardinia. Built in the 16th century, the palace is a perfect example of Baroque architecture, with its grand façade and opulent interior. As you step inside, you will be transported back in time to the era of kings and queens. The tour will take you through the lavish halls and rooms, adorned with intricate frescoes, chandeliers, and luxurious furnishings. You will also have the chance to see the private apartments of the royal family, including the stunning throne room and the royal chapel.

But the real highlight of the night tour is the opportunity to see the palace in a whole new light – quite literally. As the sun sets and the city lights come on, the palace takes on a magical glow, making for a truly unforgettable experience. The expert guides will also share fascinating stories and anecdotes about the palace and its former inhabitants, giving you a deeper understanding of its significance in Turin's history.

Next, the tour will take you to Palazzo Madama, another architectural gem that has stood the test of time. This medieval castle was originally built as a fortress in the 13th century and was later transformed into a palace for the House of Savoy. The unique blend of Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance styles makes it a must-see for any architecture enthusiast. And with the exclusive night tour, you will have the privilege of exploring the palace after hours, with fewer crowds and a more intimate atmosphere.

As you wander through the castle's halls and courtyards, you will feel like you have stepped into a fairytale. The dimly lit corridors, the flickering candles, and the soft music playing in the background all add to the enchanting ambiance. You will also get to see the palace's impressive art collection, which includes works by renowned artists such as Raphael, Titian, and Caravaggio.

The night tour to the Royal Palace and Palazzo Madama is a unique and unforgettable experience that allows you to see these iconic landmarks in a whole new light. It is also a great way to beat the crowds and enjoy a more intimate and exclusive visit. So, whether you are a history buff, an art lover, or simply looking for a one-of-a-kind experience in Turin, this tour is not to be missed.

In conclusion, the exclusive night tour to the Royal Palace and Palazzo Madama is a must-do for anyone visiting Turin. It offers a rare opportunity to see these magnificent buildings in a different light and learn about their rich history and cultural significance. So, make sure to add this tour to your itinerary and get ready for an unforgettable evening in the heart of Turin.

Frequently asked questions

What time does the night tour to the Royal Palace and Palazzo Madama start?

The night tour typically starts at 8:00 PM, but the schedule might change slightly depending on the season.

How long does the tour last?

The tour lasts approximately 3 hours, which allows ample time to explore both historical buildings.

What is included in the tour?

The tour includes entrance tickets, guided tour, and a complimentary cocktail at the end of the tour.

Is it necessary to book in advance?

Yes, due to the demand we advise booking your tickets in advance to secure your spot.

Is the tour available in different languages?

Yes, the tour is available in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Is it allowed to take pictures?

Yes, you are encouraged to take pictures, but without flash to preserve the art.

Are there any age restrictions for the tour?

The tour is suitable for all ages, however a complimentary cocktail is served to those above 18 years old.

Is the tour accessible for people with mobility issues?

Yes, both the Royal Palace and Palazzo Madama are equipped with accessibility ramps and elevators.

What should I wear for the tour?

There is no strict dress code, however, comfortable shoes are recommended as there is considerable walking involved.

In case of bad weather, will the tour still take place?

Yes, the tour will still take place unless there are severe weather conditions. Any changes will be communicated beforehand.

Is parking available?

There isn’t parking available at the site, but several nearby lots provide parking at a hourly fee.

Can you bring your own food and drinks?

No, outside food and beverages are not allowed, but there is a cafe inside where you can buy refreshments.

Is it possible to buy souvenirs from there?

Yes, there is a gift shop at the premises where you can buy souvenirs.

Can we visit the palace independently, without a tour?

Yes, independent visits are possible but the guided tour provides a more enriching experience.

What are the most interesting features to see during the tour?

Some of the highlights are the Royal Armory, the Royal Library, and the display of the Savoy family's art collection.

What are some rules and regulations we need to follow during the tour?

Guests are required to respect the historical sites and not touch the artifacts. Photography without flash is permitted. Eating and smoking inside the premises are strictly prohibited.

What is the capacity of the tour?

Due to the preservation of the buildings, the tour is limited to a maximum of 30 persons.

Does the tour operate all year round?

Yes, the tour operates all year round except for a few public holidays.

Can you organize private tours for groups?

Yes, private tours can be arranged for groups. Please consult our customer service for more details.

How often do the tours run?

Tours run every evening barring any unexpected closures or special events.