Lucca: Private 3 hours walking tour with unusual stories

Lucca, a charming medieval city in Tuscany, is known for its well-preserved walls, cobblestone streets, and beautiful architecture. But beyond its picturesque facade, lies a rich history filled with unusual stories and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Join us on a private 3-hour walking tour of Lucca, where we will take you off the beaten path and share with you the lesser-known tales of this enchanting city.

As we stroll through the narrow streets, our knowledgeable guide will regale you with fascinating stories about Lucca's past. From its origins as a Roman settlement to its transformation into a powerful city-state, you will learn about the events and characters that have shaped Lucca into the city it is today. Our tour will take you to the most iconic landmarks, such as the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro and the Cathedral of San Martino, but we will also venture into the lesser-known corners of the city, where hidden treasures await.

One of the highlights of our tour is the opportunity to walk on top of Lucca's famous walls. Built in the 16th century, these walls were designed to protect the city from invaders. Today, they offer a unique perspective of the city, with stunning views of the rooftops and surrounding countryside. As we walk along the walls, our guide will share with you the intriguing history behind their construction and the role they played in Lucca's defense.

But it's not just the walls that hold secrets in Lucca. Our tour will take you to the San Giovanni and Reparata Basilica, where you will discover the hidden gem of the Volto Santo. This wooden crucifix, believed to have been carved by Nicodemus, is said to have miraculous powers and has been the object of devotion for centuries. Our guide will reveal the legend behind this sacred relic and its significance to the people of Lucca.

As we continue our journey through the city, we will encounter other unusual stories, such as the legend of the Devil's Bridge and the mystery of the "Lucca Stone." These stories not only add an element of intrigue to our tour, but they also provide insight into the culture and beliefs of the people of Lucca.

Our tour will also give you the opportunity to experience the local way of life. We will take you to the bustling Piazza San Michele, where you can witness the daily market and sample some of the delicious local produce. You will also have the chance to visit a traditional bakery and taste some of the famous Buccellato, a sweet bread that has been a staple in Lucca for centuries.

As our tour comes to an end, you will have gained a deeper understanding of Lucca and its people. You will have discovered its hidden gems and heard its unusual stories, making your visit to this charming city even more memorable. So, come and join us on this private 3-hour walking tour of Lucca, and let us show you the city's true character and charm.

Frequently asked questions

What are the unique stories that will be shared during the tour?

During the private 3-hour walking tour in Lucca, you will hear unusual and captivating stories that are not commonly known. These stories offer a different perspective on the city and its history, providing a memorable and enriching experience for visitors.

Is the tour suitable for all ages and fitness levels?

The walking tour in Lucca is designed to be accessible to participants of all ages and fitness levels. The pace of the tour can be adjusted to accommodate different needs, ensuring that everyone can enjoy and fully experience the tour.

Can the tour be customized based on specific interests or preferences?

Yes, the tour can be customized to cater to specific interests or preferences. Whether you have a particular area of interest in Lucca or want to focus on certain aspects of its history, the tour can be tailored to meet your needs and provide a personalized experience.

Are food and drinks included in the tour?

Food and drinks are not included in the tour package. However, there will be opportunities to explore local culinary delights during the tour, and your guide can recommend the best places to enjoy authentic Lucca cuisine.

How many people can participate in the private walking tour?

The private walking tour in Lucca is designed for small groups or individuals. The tour allows for a personalized and intimate experience, with a maximum group size that ensures individual attention and engagement.