Saudi Arabia

Travel information Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a Middle Eastern country located in the Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Yemen. The country is the largest in the Middle East and is home to the two holiest sites in Islam, Mecca and Medina. Saudi Arabia is known for its vast deserts, which cover most of the country.

The capital city of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh, which is also the largest city in the country. Other major cities include Jeddah, located on the Red Sea, and Dammam, located on the Persian Gulf. These cities are popular tourist destinations, as well as the ancient city of Madain Saleh, located in the northwest of the country.

The country has a rich culture and is home to many historical sites, including the ancient city of Petra, which is located in neighboring Jordan. In addition, Saudi Arabia is home to numerous museums and galleries, as well as archaeological sites.

The climate in Saudi Arabia is mostly hot and dry, with temperatures ranging from hot in the summer to cold in the winter. The country is also known for its vast oil reserves, which are some of the largest in the world.

Overall, Saudi Arabia is a fascinating country with a rich history and culture. It is home to many beautiful cities and tourist attractions, and the country's oil reserves make it an important player in the global economy.