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Palau, officially known as the Republic of Palau, is a small island nation located in the western Pacific Ocean. It consists of over 340 islands, with the main island of Babeldaob being the largest and most populous. With a population of just over 20,000 people, Palau may be small in size, but it is rich in culture, history, and natural beauty.

One of the most popular cities in Palau is Koror, which serves as the country's commercial and economic center. It is also the gateway to many of Palau's stunning natural attractions. One of the most iconic sites in Koror is the Rock Islands, a group of over 300 limestone islands surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters. These islands are a popular spot for snorkeling, diving, and kayaking, offering visitors a chance to explore the diverse marine life and stunning coral reefs.

Another must-visit location in Palau is the Jellyfish Lake, located on Eil Malk Island. This unique lake is home to millions of golden jellyfish, making it a popular spot for snorkelers. Visitors can swim among the harmless jellyfish and experience a truly unforgettable and surreal encounter with nature.

For those interested in learning about Palau's history and culture, the capital city of Ngerulmud is a must-visit. It is home to the Palau National Museum, which showcases artifacts and exhibits that highlight the country's traditional customs, beliefs, and way of life. The museum also features a replica of a traditional Palauan bai, a communal meeting house that serves as a symbol of Palauan culture.

Aside from its natural beauty and cultural attractions, Palau also offers a variety of outdoor activities for adventure seekers. The Ngardmau Waterfalls, located in the northern part of Babeldaob Island, is a popular spot for hiking and swimming. The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a picturesque and refreshing escape from the tropical heat.

In conclusion, Palau may be a small country, but it offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers. From its stunning natural attractions to its rich culture and history, there is something for everyone in this beautiful island nation. So, whether you are seeking adventure, relaxation, or a cultural immersion, Palau is a destination that should not be missed.

Frequently asked questions about Palau

Where is Palau located?

Palau, officially known as the Republic of Palau, is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is situated to the southeast of the Philippines and to the northeast of Indonesia.

What is the capital of Palau?

The capital of Palau is Ngerulmud, which is located on the island of Babeldaob. Ngerulmud became the capital in 2006, replacing Koror.

What is the population of Palau?

As of the latest estimates, Palau has a population of around 21,000 people. The majority of the population resides in the capital, Ngerulmud, and the largest city, Koror.

What is the official language of Palau?

The official languages of Palau are Palauan and English. Palauan is the national language, while English is widely spoken and used in government and business affairs.

What is the currency of Palau?

The currency of Palau is the United States Dollar (USD). The USD is widely accepted and used for most transactions in the country.

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